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11-Aug-2019 16:28

[tags: Papers] - Exploration of Hajj Hajj means "inhabitation" and in Islamic terminology refers to the pilgrimage to the mosque of the noble Ka'bah in the magnificent city of Mecca.

Hajj is the pilgrimage to Mecca, it is one of the five basic requirements of Islam.

While other countries rely on stunning natural views, impressive shopping districts, or relaxing beaches, Saudi Arabia has proven itself the pinnacle of religious tourism....It is said that the Prophet Muhammad had rid the Ka'ba of its idols and re-established it as a shrine dedicated to the one God (Hofe 96).Now it is the duty of every Muslim to make a trip to that very place.Each event symbolises a key way on how a Muslim can change for the better and keep on the straight path for life.

Though some Muslims will not change after coming back on Hajj, some may feel that it was not inspiring or helpful, others may feel that they are already the 'perfect' Muslim.

The opportunity to experience the love and forgiveness of Allah is encountered, allowing the pilgrim to begin life afresh, being free from past sin, being in peace with themself.