Accommodating resistance equipment

17-May-2019 11:29

• Positional data revealed that the backs performed a greater number of sprints (20 km•h-1) than the forwards (34 vs. Conversely, the forwards entered the lower speed zone (6-12 km•h-1) on a greater number of occasions than the backs (315 vs.

The Myo Truk is a very effective strength and power training alternative and/or complement to the barbell squat in building strength in the gluteal, hamstring and quadriceps muscle groups.

(24) Figure 3 below illustrates the functional benefits of the Myo Truk as the extension position facilitates the demands of many sports, in particular football codes where extensor strength plays an integral role in the development of speed, power and force characteristics.

The triple extension position is able to be attained without the same risks associated with conventional resistance exercise. An objective time-motion analysis of elite rugby union.

The Myo Truk accommodating resistance machine promotes strength and power training development for the muscle groups responsible for triple extension.

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The Myo Truk, one of Myo Quip's Myo- range of strength equipment, embodies direct-linkage force transmission and replaces the Scrum Truk. Of this distance, 37% (2,800 m) was spent standing and walking, 27% (1,900 m) jogging, 10% (700 m) cruising, 14% (990 m) striding, 5% (320 m) high-intensity running, and 6% (420 m) sprinting.