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13-Jul-2019 10:36

I work for a major computer server company, and Susan has been a customer of mine for several months now.

I finally convinced her to go all out with our new product.

It has been a long time in coming, but I think I finally made it. Jenny got her degree in accounting, and recently became a CPA. They both live in Dallas, which is where Erin and I live, and are very close. I called Erin to tell her I would be home that evening around , and had missed her so much.

Something is wrong here, and we need to sit down and find out what is going on." "I will tell you what is going on Rick.

Erin asked me if I wanted her to unpack my suitcase? All of a sudden I felt something hit me in the back of the head. Thanks again baby, and I can't wait until our next meeting, so I can suck your dick while you eat my pussy.

"Sure, just put all the clothes in the hamper, and we can wash them later." After I got my drink, I walked over to the front door to make sure I had locked it. I staggered a little, somewhat dizzy from the blow to my head. You will have all my business, anytime you want it.

I pushed her on the bed, and proceeded to use my tongue on, and inside her pussy. She was screaming with her first orgasm within minutes.

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