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Facing the encouragement and admonishment of hundreds of strangers, it was only a matter of time before the young girls’ popularity began to go to their heads and gradually they began playing with each other rather than simply masturbating one at a time for the camera.

Camwhoring had become increasingly popular at Kerry’s school during the past few years.

Semen streaked their hair and coated their chins and necks with a glistening white sheen.

Lindley had screamed in agony while her abusers directed their ejaculate toward her face and eyes, which burned and stung so severely that she nearly cut her skin struggling against her restraints.

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She found herself impressed and allured by its smoothness and softness.

Kerry smiled for the first time in hours as she mused in the quiet dim of early morning and reflected that they could never make an unwilling slave out of Lindley.