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18-Jun-2019 05:51

Officers from the Royal Military Police (RMP) also investigated claims they then planted guns to make the victims appear to be insurgents – then falsified mission reports.

Some victims were handcuffed and hooded before being shot dead, it was claimed.

The firm, and three of its solicitors, were cleared of wrongly hounding British troops after a six-week tribunal last month.

Yesterday, Jeremy Corbyn called for an independent inquiry to examine whether the probe into alleged SAS ‘war crimes’ had been deliberately impeded by the Ministry of Defence.

Family members and local officials told the Sunday Times that at least two of the four victims had been handcuffed with plastic ties before being shot dead.

The RMP is arranging to travel to Afghanistan to interview the witnesses. The case was brought by Leigh Day, a law firm seeking compensation for the family of the deceased.

We hit their storage facilities where they keep their final product, where they stockpile their money and their command and control," Nicholson said.

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The remaining case centres on claims British soldiers shot dead four family members during a night raid on their homes in in Qala-e-Bost, east of Lashkar Gah, southern Helmand province, in February 2011.

As the conflict in Yemen passes the grim 1,000-day milestone, the United Nations is warning that if humanitarian workers cannot gain greater access and the violence does not subside, the cost in lives will be incalculable.