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This aspect of the story was pushed forward, again, a few years ago, when a retired Rear Admiral, allegedly living in Texas, who had been involved in the invasion, said he was shocked when he read material from a documentary, entitled "Rire from the Sky". the part of the story that is seldom told, at least in official circles, is that Byrd and his forces encountered heavy resistance to their Antarctic venture from flying saucers and had to call off the invasion.The Chazon Ish (20th century Israel), said: "A person who lives with a constant awareness of the Almighty will live a life of constant happiness." (Emunah U'bitochon, ch.1) Today, appreciate the potential you have for benefiting from the world.Seeing the beauty and wisdom in every blade of grass gives one an awareness of the Creator. Far from being pleased with this prayer, God becomes angry, for not only did this person sin by stealing, but he or she had the audacity to pronounce God's Name over something acquired dishonestly ( 94a). Indeed, the greatest piety is achieved when people observe the laws regulating commercial transactions and property rights, and thereby respect other's belongings and rights ( with something not acquired honestly is the grossest of all distortions.Now, one must admit that if a person were making up such a story, why would they claim to be taken, of all places, to the pole?Of course, one must also realize that at the time of Schmidts comments, the rumors of secret Nazi bases at the poles were already fairly common... In his defense, it must be noted that his description of the aerial discs, as he called them, matched pictures captured from the Germans in the final days of the Second World War.Schmidt states that the crew spoke German and acted like German soldiers.

Operation High Jump, which was, basically an invasion of the Antarctic, consisted of three Naval battle groups, which departed Norfolk, VA, on 2 December 1946. Byrds command ship, the ice-breaker Northwind, and consisted of the catapult ship Pine Island, the destroyer Brownsen, the aircraft-carrier Phillipines Sea, the U. submarine Sennet, two support vessels Yankee and Merrick, and two tankers Canisted and Capacan, the destroyer Henderson and a floatplane ship Currituck.

More than just a text of the prayers, this includes full explanations of all prayers, laws and customs.