Asp net validating datetime accomodating female

18-Apr-2019 03:55

Rather than picking up the settings from my app it was always using its own settings which were en-US so unless the date format was 'yyyy-MM-dd' or 'MM-dd-yyyy' then it would fail.It turns out that I have to add the following line of Java Script to tell the browser to ignore the Java Script validation for the date fields.This has to do with the script bundling; I construct the correct Url to the globalization files by combing the selected UI language and the path in the bundle configuration class.

I tried a little bit too much cleanup i guess..datepicker not working i.e. model is accepting the MM/dd/yyyy format whereas i want the data to be written in dd/MM/yyyy format. I did of course study this guide; it is just quite a puzzle to get it in a standards MVC project up and running.Do you want to know when a feature you care about is added or when a bug fixed?

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