Atomic accelerator carbon dating

13-Jul-2019 01:16

We are using the accelerator to measure both man-made and cosmic-ray-produced radionuclides such as (a thousand million million) .Although the instruments and detection methods are those of nuclear physics, research applications are concentrated in the Earth sciences and biomedical sciences.Earth science applications include radiocarbon dating, dating the exposure time of rocks on the surface of the earth in the range 10,000 to 300,000 years, measuring erosion rates of rocks and landscapes, dating and tracing of old ground water, and dating of meteorites recovered from the Antarctic ice sheet.Biomedical applications include tracing organic molecules with Al.Radiocarbon is the best and often the only way to quantify rates of exchange of carbon among reservoirs.This is the key to achieving predictive understanding of the carbon cycle.Changes in atmospheric CO clearly must be explained by repartitioning of carbon among these three reservoirs.However, scientists do not yet fully understand the fundamental processes controlling this carbon “cycle”.

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PRIME Lab is based on an upgraded FN (nominal 8 MV) tandem electrostatic accelerator.Look here for several photographs of PRIME Lab Purdue University dedicated its tandem accelerator to accelerator mass spectrometry in 1989; external funding began in April 1990; and the first AMS measurements took place in early 1991.

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