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14-May-2019 05:04

For example if the custom username and password is used, the service should have logic to validate the username and password supplied by the client.

The client is successfully authenticated only if the verification drops good results.

Of course, there are some advantages and disadvantages of each model. Transport Security WCF has the capability to provide security at the message level and at the transport level, yes we can protect the channel that transports the data; that is called Transport Security.

Protecting the data itself passing through the channel is called Message Security.

Transport security is easier to implement because the protocols of what WCF uses has their own security mechanisms; it has very minimal source code changes.

Transport security provides only point-to-point security between two endpoints, the client and server.

For these questions the sender must provide an answer to prove an identity in the form of username and password or Windows authentication or a token with cryptographic information or an X509 certificate.

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Authentication An authentication process normally asks the two questions, who are you and what is the proof you need to get inside?

It will not be a good one if the message passes through multiple intermediaries because they need to forward a message over a new SSL connection, also if the message leaves the channel it will not be a secure one.

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