Common meta tags for dating sites Online free chat room adults sex

25-Jun-2019 20:39

More information These meta tags can control the behavior of search engine crawling and indexing.

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Please note that while the values of the "name" and "content" attributes must match exactly what is provided to you (including upper and lower case), it doesn't matter if you change the tag from XHTML to HTML or if the format of the tag matches the format of your page.This meta tag tells Google not to show the sitelinks search box. When we recognize that the contents of a page are not in the language that the user is likely to want to read, we often provide a link to a translation in the search results.In general, this gives you the chance to provide your unique and compelling content to a much larger group of users.They are easy to set up and have influence on the user experience and Google’s understanding of your page content.

So which ones should you have in 2017 and how should you optimize them?The default values are "index, follow" (the same as "all") and do not need to be specified.