Consolidating lists excel 2016

30-Apr-2019 06:26

consolidating lists excel 2016-24

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Summarizing information by using formulas is handy because you can update the summary calculation simply by recalculating the worksheet.

However, linking formulas may consume more memory than you want—especially when you're dealing with several large ranges of data.

Before you begin, it's a good idea to open the workbook(s) containing the ranges you want to consolidate.

For example, the ranges shown in Figure A are on different worksheets in the same workbook.

You can leave the workbook’s labels to aid in data entry, but you should remove any existing data from a workbook that you save as a template, both to avoid data entry errors and to remove any confusion as to whether the workbook is a template.

You can also remove any worksheets you and your colleagues won’t need by right-clicking the tab of an unneeded worksheet and, on the shortcut menu that appears, clicking Delete.

The only change you’ll make is with regard to the workbook and sheet names, so for this article we’ll assume you’re combining data from within the same workbook.

Inside Microsoft Office 95 A Publication of The Cobb Group Published March 1997 Use this handy command on multiple ranges to calculate sums, averages, products, minimum and maximum values, and other statistical summaries.

After you decide on the type of data you want to store in a workbook and what that workbook should look like, you probably want to be able to create similar workbooks without adding all of the formatting and formulas again.

If you want to create a worksheet template, as opposed to a workbook template, delete all but one worksheet from your file and save it as a template.

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