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Christine, after a double eviction - Sixth member of the jury 14.

Two people were nominated by the HOH and the third person was nominated in secret by the M.

On day 1 they were told that someone would be the Big Brother saboteur.

The house-guests were evicted as follows: Big Brother Season 12 had 13 house-guests.

-Ninth member of the jury The final 3 are Derrick, Cody, and Victoria. There was also a larger cast, with 16 completely new houseguests, except that one of them, Elissa, was actually season 13 winner Rachel Reilly's sister.

Big Brother Season 15 started earlier than previous seasons, providing even more episodes to enjoy.

Frank Eudy (who is the son of wrestler Sid Vicious), 11. Big Brother Season 13 had 8 new house guests and 6 previous ones, making 14 total.

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The house-guests were evicted as follows: Big Brother Season 11 started with 12 house-guests. The first head of household was voted on by the other house guests.

__ won with __ votes, and __ was the runner-up with __ votes.