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14-May-2019 17:23


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Dating can be a daunting prospect, especially if you are dating later in life and our aim is to make it as straightforward as possible in a secure environment.


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One of the many guys with the word "cowboy" in his handle — a handsome guy my age — wrote, "I hold a strong value in treating everyone with respect and dignity; never afraid to show my soft side.So if you possess some more masculine qualities, you might find that you’re best matched with a more passive guy who can be the yin to your yang.Be willing to experiment outside of your comfort zone to see how he might react and how it makes you feel, but never continue to do anything that feels like forced acting.And we always want to exude power in the work place.


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Chances are, it's been a stale week, and you're ready for some fiery romance.OK, girl, so the dismal workweek has finally come to a screeching halt?

Now a fifteen-year-old Rotorian girl has learned of the dire threat that Nemesis poses to Earth's people.… continue reading »

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NICOLE BREWER iluv2cofounder, 35 Location: Nizwa, Oman, 3 years Hometown: Detroit "I told myself that I wouldn't date in the Middle East, and yet not even a week after moving to Nizwa I met a man who became my boyfriend.… continue reading »

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There's a thousand neighbourhoods to explore in Seoul and even the larger cities like Pusan, Taegu or Gwangju.… continue reading »

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Best for Dating Around: Volume sites like are perfect for women who are interested in expanding their social circles and dating around. It's sprawling, super established, and like a massive department store, it's got a department for everyone: millennials, seniors, single parents, people looking for fun, and those looking for something more serious like marriage," Masini says.… continue reading »

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Homecoming is a six-episode thriller that centers around a mystery involving a caseworker (voiced by Oscar nominee Catherine Keener), her supervisor (voiced by David Schwimmer), and a soldier trying to rejoin civilian life (voiced by Oscar Isaac).… continue reading »

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Having a winning personality, a wicked sense of humour and more charm than your average prince is only part of the package.… continue reading »

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Going into 2018, here are a few things you should know.… continue reading »

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