Dating a childish man

04-Mar-2019 04:09

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I just can't believe that two people can really be in sync that much.

It's actually kind of scary, and he always tell me that I have to get over my fear of things, (because I have a lot).

I am a Gemini woman (6/18/87) and I have been with my Libra man (9/25/86) for 7 months now. Being a Gemini woman, I know that I can be childish and naive at times but he brings me back to earth.

We are so in love and we don't care what anyone else thinks!

We have one child together and he spoils us rotten I LOVE MY Libra MAN!!!!!

only a Gemini women can balance a Libra man :) I am a Gemini woman and met a Libra man about a month ago.

He talks to me as if he really cares and is really trying to look out for me and yes I can't help but encourage him and compliment him every chance I get. It was a little weird the first time but after that it was so good.I was hesitant on dating him because of our age difference. But when we first talked we clicked like we have been knowing each other for a long time.