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These pictographs are used to teach values and history to children by women.

The concentric circles refer to places and the “C” shaped pictograph – on the right site of the panel – refers to a person. The pictographs used to be in better condition, but, early visitors to the site would splash water on them in order to see them more clearly and this has eroded the images.

Sacred sites are places set aside from the prosaic world for spiritual beliefs and practices.

Uluru is one of the world’s most iconic natural sacred sites.

From around 1300, it also housed a Latin School, which became internationally renowned, and remained in service in changing forms until 1971.

Its most well-known was the scholar Desiderius Erasmus, who was born in 1466 and attended the school from 1475 to 1484.

This was not the first human settlement at the location; between 19, remains of a Bronze Age settlement (dated to c.400 CE) were excavated at Colmschate, 4 km east of the current city The village of Deventer, already important because of a trading road crossing the river IJssel, was looted and burnt down by the Vikings in 882.

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It is a place that embodies core values of their culture and is associated with numerous totemic ancestors.From this material, ore was produced and brought to town.The main road of the villages Okkenbroek, Lettele and Schalkhaar is still named Oerdijk (Ore Dyke).Deventer is the birthplace of Geert Groote and home to his Brethren of the Common Life, a school of religious thought that influenced Thomas a Kempis and Erasmus in later times.

Together with Haarlem it was among the first cities to have printing presses, dating back to as early as 1477.Back in 2010, we shared with you 100 awesome search engines and research resources in our post: 100 Time-Saving Search Engines for Serious Scholars.