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I recently saw an opportunity on Facebook to take a free course with the incredibly talented Dawn from Dawn Nicole Designs and jumped on it with both feet.I have already learned so much and I’m having a blast.Whichever course you choose, you have a shot at restoring that tile to its pristine state and be looking great for years to come.MATERIALS AND TOOLS – Razor blade – Dry, clean rags – Heat gun – Plastic scraper – Dust mask (optional, unless removing lead paint, when a mask is required!For tiles more than 20 years old, ask your retailer for a conservation-rated paint remover for glazed surfaces.Whatever paint remover you use, ensure that your working area is well-ventilated before by opening windows and operating fans.STEP 1 Clean painted tiles with household cleaner or a 50-50 solution of white vinegar and water.

In the process, you can make any little corrections you need to if some of your lines were shaky or not quite what you wanted. I like drawing curved lines because then I don’t have to worry about them being crooked.

I’d love to see your progress; hop on over to the One Artsy Mama & Friends Facebook group and share your latest hand-lettering projects!

It’s entirely possible to remove paint from tile, whether you’re simply hoping to banish some accidental splatters or discover a wealth of vintage beauty beneath a prior paint job.

STEP 2 Dampen a clean rag with water and wipe the tiles clean. If some splatters don’t come off, tackle them with Method 2. Again, with any paint that could pre-date 1978, wear a dust mask for safe breathing as you work.

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STEP 1 Work in a small area of about a square foot at a time.

” Once you master writing, “joy,” try other words, like, “peace,” “love,” or your name. Here are a few more resources: Basic Upper and Lowercase Alphabet Vine/Branch Embellishment Simple Arrow Embellishment Basic Banner Embellishment And head here for the rest of my hand lettering tutorials!