Dating sms etiquette

02-Apr-2019 03:29

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The postmaster, the head of the intelligence service, was responsible for ensuring the maintenance of the courier system.

The Post Office Act XVII of 1837 provided that the Governor-General of India in Council had the exclusive right of conveying letters by post for hire within the territories of the East India Company.

He also negotiated with neighbouring countries to do the same and had roads built from the city of Post in Western Iran all the way up to the city of Hakha in the East.

Other writers credit his successor Darius I of Persia (521 BC).

Other sources claim much earlier dates for an Assyrian postal system, with credit given to Hammurabi (1700 BC) and Sargon II (722 BC).

Mail may not have been the primary mission of this postal service, however.It was spelled that way until the 17th century, and is distinct from the word male.

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