Dating violence scenario

17-Mar-2019 04:37

For people working in agencies that are mandated to respond to the problems of battered women, it is essential that the realities of domestic violence be understood.

Such agencies include the social welfare, the police, legal and religious organisations, medical agencies and organisations providing shelter or services for women in crisis.

Behind these responses are the common attitudes that domestic violence is not a serious offence, that the woman is to blame for instigating violence in some way and that the role of a wife is to accommodate her husband's demands and behaviour.

Many people in Malaysian society still believe that violent domestic disputes should be worked out privately between husband and wife and that if the situation is really as bad as women say, then battered women would leave their husbands rather than stay.

With 39% of Malaysian women estimated to have been abused by their partners, domestic violence is a significant, but often hidden social problem.

The 'invisibility' of the problem is largely attributed to the sensitivity of the issues surrounding the problem, especially the traditional belief in the sanctity and privacy of the family and the intimacy of marital relationships.

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