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12-Aug-2019 08:29

Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, giving you a full weekend to enjoy romantic movies, plays, and other lovely events ranging from comic conventions to murder mysteries.

Here are 25 things to do you can start planning around.

While you’re mixing holidays, you might as well celebrate the Chinese New Year at this massive celebration in the Dallas Arts District.

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In Truce, du Toit, creates a quiet juxtaposition between predator and prey, in various positions of embrace and tolerance.Safe Conversations: The Point of Connection is Feb. Brian Culbertson and a handful of other jazz artists perform at SMU’s Mc Farlin Auditorium on Feb.13 in “Love, Jazz, and Romance.” Love is funny, right? The laughs aren’t guaranteed, but the chocolate and champagne are. Without actually listening to Matty B, Matty B sounds really irritating. Maybe you need to more stringently monitor your kids’ internet activity, and ground them so they can’t spend Valentine’s Day with a 13-year-old hip-hop Mouseketeer.Such odd-bedfellows include the Ibis and two snails; a gray wolf and fox; a snow leopard and a mountain goat.

According to the artist, this series looks at the idea of truce from three perspectives: war, relationships, and animal conservation; it is an armistice to open a door for understanding, tolerance and reconciliation.

You’ll find family-friendly activities, dancing, and other fun things to do.