Failed updating etrust vet engine to version

02-Jul-2019 16:45

failed updating etrust vet engine to version-69

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The three types of sharing are read, write and delete, and each is represented with a flag that a process passes to the Create File API.

In the operation that failed, Explorer didn’t pass any of the flags, indicating that it didn’t want to share the file, as seen in the Share Mode field: For an open to succeed, the sharing mode of the opener must be compatible with the sharing allowed by a process that already has the file opened, so the explanation for the error was that another process already had the file opened.

It’s not like Explorer doesn’t give e Trust plenty of opportunities to cause sharing problems.The workaround was for Bryce to set a directory filter that excludes his source directories from real-time scanning.I couldn’t reproduce the error when I went back to my office, so I suspected that I had a different version of Inoculan on my system than Bryce.Process Monitor also answered that question: e Trust, Computer Associates’ antivirus scanner, was apparently opening the file to scan it for viruses but was interfering with the operation of Explorer.

failed updating etrust vet engine to version-22

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Antivirus should be invisible to the system, so the error revealed a bug in e Trust.The workaround was to set a directory filter that excludes the source directories from real-time scanning.

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