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03-Sep-2019 04:21

Without using their hands, guests must eat through the cake to find the piece of candy. For a messier version, consider serving spaghetti on a heart-shaped platter with a large meatball hidden amongst the sauce and noodles.

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The first person to find the heart gets to hide it for the next round.

Before the party begins, cut hearts in half using jagged and zigzagged lines. Give each guest half of a heart upon their arrival.

Each guest must then find the other half of his/her heart amongst the rest of the party guests. Each team needs to find something in the room that starts with each letter of Valentine's Day.

Kids and adults will love the hilarious results of this fun game.

If the weather cooperates, try playing some outdoor party games.Keep in mind that just because you are hosting a Valentine's Day party, it does not mean the entire party needs to revolve around the romantic notions associated with the holiday.

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