Google ical calendar not updating

23-Jul-2019 06:57

There are many different issues that can cause sync problems, so you'll see a lot of tips to try.

Important: These steps may cause you to lose some unsynced data.

Here we try to summarize this information for the most commonly used calendar apps.

Note that unlike your desktop Apple Calendar, on i OS the setting applies to all calendar subscriptions that are set to Fetch.

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Keep that in mind when you select an update frequency.

The email address is the email address that your calendars are associated with.

If you have several calendars associated with different Gmail accounts I would suggest you choose one Google account to be your primary account and then share all your calendars with that account.

The way these services work is that they will regularly go out to the calendar source ( teamstuff ) and pull back the schedule. Every service has its own time frames, but its unlikely to be quite as fast as you'd like. Google keeps a cached copy of the calendar ; and it refreshes that copy every 24hours or so. 1 is a way of passing parameters in URLs - the parameter is ignored by teamstuff but its enough to ensure google will not use the google local copy of your calendar ). Google will then go out to teamstuff and get the latest and greatest calendar - and it will be up to the minute.

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We don't really know how often, but it's something in that order. Re-add it using the teamstuff calendar URL , but this time add a ? The technique is sound for other calendar applications too; the principles are the same for all calendars.

You can't manually refresh external calendars in google either, so you either need to wait for google ( prob less than 24 hours ), or force google to get the contents from teamstuff right now.