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03-Aug-2019 01:17

The more she talked the friskier she got and within five minutes of me crawling into bed, we were naked and she was riding my cock. Our sex life was normal, we averaged about once a week, but that night it was much hotter than usual.“Oh god, I would love to have a body like that again,” she moaned as the tip of my cock pressed into her cervix. It was hard not to think about Sarah, with April talking like she was. She fell onto the bed, and before long we were both sound asleep.

“Those firm little titties instead of these flour sacks.” She pressed her breasts into my face. When I closed my eyes, I could see Sarah’s tanned little ass bouncing up and down on me. The next couple of weeks went by about as normal as they could.

April called and I talked with her, and after we finished I felt calm enough to retire to bed.

I climbed the stairs and walked down the hall to our bedroom. In all the time Sarah had been working with us, she had always closed the guest room door.

Usually, we only needed a babysitter on weekends that we had events for work.

With my wife’s job, we would attend weekend retreats and such.

Sarah had curves, and they were in the right spots. It was also clear from how firm her breast looked, that she didn't need to wear one.

I didn't know if she had the hots for Sarah, or if she was keeping me sexed up so I would not try anything with Sarah, either way, I liked it. She agreed so I gave her some money and left while they were eating breakfast. She asked if I could meet her at the garage and help get them in. I walked into the garage just in time to see Sarah slipping her shorts over her bikini bottoms. Her nipples were clearly hard, and the sight had my male hormones on edge.After the first couple weeks, things were so routine, that I rarely even noticed Sarah other than our nanny. I arrived back home shortly after lunch and went into my office. After we had the kids in bed, Sarah excused herself to shower.

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