List of dating sim games for psp

15-Mar-2019 23:04

They appeal to the high score challenge school of gamers (like me) while testing your skills to breaking point.

This video shows the bits I liked enough to save to replay (you'll notice it's rather short).

We're used to games like this having long load times, of course.

Forza 3 is famous for it, but at least Forza gets a lot of other things right.

Like you're going to really get into the game in a minute and it will suddenly let you loose to have boundless fun.

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But the reigns pull up again and stop you, either by giving you a rally track that simply goes 'left' for a mile or so, or by making you restart an entire event because you knocked over a small red cone when the AI barged into you. Polyphony has taken on board the criticism of CPU drivers' fear of venturing off the racing line, and gone too far the other way.The game makes more sense, too – Yamauchi is testing your understanding of automotive theory in short, concise practical application.

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