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Like we've been existing this last month, except now let's both just get back to LIVING one day at a time. My own daughter gone crazy and divorced from reality?This caused a bit of a problem with the community center folks, apparently.Frank on his finger-picking bluegrass style banjo, Tom on acoustic guitar - mostly strumming rhythms and chords, but occasionally picking melody, Greg was our string bass virtuoso, Kelly on a B/C Irish Button Accordion, Ben and I were fiddlers but Frank was also learning and sometimes played that instead of banjo on some songs.Cindy often sang with us and just banged a tambourine as "percussion".Kelly Mc Gill was actually from Ireland and was a pretty good Irish Step dancer and social Ceili dancer.

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Not so little as it was both heated and air conditioned, and had it's own basic little apartment built-in, including kitchen and full bathroom facilities and a raised 20x30 foot wooden dance floor. We had however many routines we already knew, and the corresponding recorded music most often played on PA amp/speakers - just one dance after another, separated by short breaks and MC talk. I was working on putting together more of a clogging ballet performance. Neither purposefully but also not even accidentally. This finally got me thinking about something outside my personal troubles and I felt a little bit - hell, quite a lot - of that dismal depression lifting. I've got their contact info but really didn't have anyone in mind back then - but maybe now I could try that. I would choreograph and teach, I expected everyone to pitch in and work towards getting gigs and performance opportunities. I decided to see how Saturday went, and then Sunday I would decide. And they mostly lived in the North Georgia suburbs of Chattanooga and were looking for some more dancers to join them PLUS a director/choreographer - and wanted to know if I might be interested... " "Yes, we all are." "OK, let's get everybody together now and talk about it." So we gathered everybody up on the porch. I met one girl and her boyfriend trying to do some easy advanced dances at that last workshop Cindy and I went to. "Anyway, they seemed to be a tad impressed with my dancing and asked me if I knew someone "good as you are" who might be interested in directing their new team? I did become dance director for the other team with just a few caveats.Just one song after another with a little MC talk between songs. Once I got interested in performance clogging I really got interested.

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And I did a lot of watching of all kinds of other dance.That "Dance Above the Rainbow" in "Feet of Flames" is how the Riverdance pro Irish dancers do a Ceili dance.