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The BC Wildfire Service compiles statistics daily, throughout the fire season. Averages are also calculated for the causes, cost and area burned by wildfires in British Columbia over the past 10 years.View the latest wildfire statistics to find out how many new wildfires have started and the number of wildfires and hectares burned in B. The BC Wildfire Service produces a fire season summary in the fall of each year. dating back to the mid-19th century are also available.

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Sometimes the words nought, naught and aught are used.Slang words for zero include zip, zilch, nada, and scratch. By 1770 BC, the Egyptians had a symbol for zero in accounting texts.The symbol nfr, meaning beautiful, was also used to indicate the base level in drawings of tombs and pyramids and distances were measured relative to the base line as being above or below this line.The ancient Greeks had no symbol for zero (μηδέν), and did not use a digit placeholder for it.

They seemed unsure about the status of zero as a number.

The glyphs surrounding the date are thought to be one of the few surviving examples of Epi-Olmec script.