Office communicator not updating my status speed dating san francisco library

12-Apr-2019 15:02

How to See the Status Message Screen Status messages can be seen at any time, even if the phone is still booting up, or not registered.

See process below for seeing them on the 794x//796x series IP phone.

I haven’t seen anything pertaining to a standalone download or install.

Will update this article if I find out anything else about this.

Pre SP1 Post SP1 Here is the KB about the Description of Microsoft Office 2013 SP1 There are a few issues that pertain to Lync within the release of SP1.

Memory leak occurs during a video call or when you rest the mouse pointer on a video icon in Lync 2013 Assume that you install Microsoft Office 2013 Service Pack 1 (SP1) or the November, 2013 update for Lync 2013 on a computer.

This issue may be resolved in the Lync 2013 update that is dated April 2014.