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15-Mar-2019 23:54

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Judging by her words she is married and has two kids.

We asked her what brought her to us and the kinky maid explained that she often saw dreams with meaty dog boners in her throat and it made her cum while sleeping.

I felt a bit of warm feeling between my legs and I touch myself. well I rub myself for a bit then stopped, but it apeared I got my dogs attention, he got to his feet and was sniffing i went back playing with my dools but still felt my wet panties.This is my real ANIMAL SEX story as I am my dog’s bitch …This Animal sex story as “How I Became A Bitch, how a man fell into bestiality” was exclusively written for was a 19 year old male and had plenty of interest in women, but something was always missing, it was a drive to be filled up myself.A longing to feel what it was like to have someone inside you, that closeness.I was jerking my own cock while sucking his, and getting myself worked up.

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Sucking and jerking him for a while, I was ready to dump my sperm and covered hhis cock and balls with a thin layer of my seed.My family dog was a chow and one day playing in my room my hand innocently drifted to his sheath.

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