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05-Jul-2019 07:58

As the old saying goes, “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”.

But as the other old saying goes, “I know some Trojans who would be a lot happier if they had.” So let me explain why this sudden outpouring of support for my position makes me uncomfortable.

The Atlantic published The Coddling Of The American Mind. ) published Campus PC Panic Is Getting Ridiculous and How Coddled Young Radicals Got Discomfort All Wrong. Even President Obama has condemned what he called “coddled” college students, saying “that’s not the way we learn”.

The UK political class is up in arms about Germaine Greer being denied platform, and the US political class is up in arms about the Halloween costume argument at Silliman College (nominative determinism! Complaining about social justice seems to be getting, dare I say, almost trendy.

Otherkin are a fringe group of human society who, for one reason or another, believe themselves to be the reincarnation of mythic creatures, typically elves, though others include dragons, demons, vampires, ogres, deities, and so on.

Related groups include therianthropes, who believe themselves reincarnations of animal souls, and otakin/otakukin, people who think they are reincarnations of fictitious characters from Japanese anime, manga, and video games.

Otherkin often exhibit certain personality traits common to dissociative disorders and manic depression.

This includes what are known as grandiose, persecutory, and religious delusions.

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When I or some other random blogger complains about the social justice movement, we tend to worry about points like the following (I won’t prove/defend these claims here, just clarify what I’m worried about): These seem like different agendas.

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