Polyamory married and dating triad updating theide drive

27-May-2019 12:38

He spends five nights a week at home with Kim and the kids and two nights with his girlfriend.

After kissing a string of damp cold frogs, Kim has just started seeing a poly man who is also married.

They had a stand-up argument at a cafe and haven't spoken since.

Now Sue insists on a strict schedule for Caleb's visits to Ana, and permission has to be sought for extra date nights.

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Just because you're boinking someone, you don't own them." Sipping a cup of tea as she chats, Ana, in her late 30s, says: "[With monogamy] you either have to exercise amazing self control or really hurt someone, and I don't have amazing self control. If you're in a traditional relationship you can't really go to your partner and say, 'I really wanna get it on with this person, is that okay?Both men are heterosexual and relations between all parties are harmonious and happy, like a tiny commune."They hang out and catch up for beers as mates sometimes," says Mia of the two men in her life.