Polygamist dating rules

19-Jul-2019 12:46

Guidance on determining a person’s domicile is contained in SET15 Domicile.The recognition (or otherwise) of polygamous marriages celebrated before 1 August 1971 is a matter of common law.If the marriage is not valid under the laws of the UK, the spouse should be refused on that ground alone without considering the other requirements of the Rules relating to spouses.If the marriage is valid, the ECO should then consider whether the spouse qualifies for admission to the UK under the Rules (paragraphs 277-281).The ECO should be wary of death and divorce certificates in such circumstances, especially where talaq or customary laws are involved.Any case where there is evidence that a divorce of convenience has occurred should be referred to Family Operations Policy for consideration and advice.Easy to navigate; look for special interests, online Dating APP, blogs, groups, events, matches sent weekly and much more.Hi, i am a guy interested in creating a loving and caring family with two women.

A polygamous wife who is either prohibited from exercising her right of abode under section 2 of the Immigration Act 1988 or who never had it, will, unless she is a returning resident (see section below on polygamous spouses entering under their own right), have to apply for entry clearance if she wishes to join her husband in the UK.

In accordance with paragraph 278, entry clearance should be refused if the woman’s husband has another wife living who: Such a woman should be treated as though she were not a polygamous spouse.

The presence of any wife in the UK as a visitor, illegal entrant or on temporary admission does not count for the purposes of considering an application from a polygamous spouse.

We are both Alpha p I am a Christian woman who want to be in a polygyny marriage.

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I would love to be a homemaker and have many children. Guidance on talaqs / customary divorces is given in SET13 Overseas divorces.


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