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Client was charged with raping a fellow soldier and committing an aggravated sexual assault (and assault and battery) on another female soldier.He was also charged with violating a no contact order imposed by his commander, to not contact one of the alleged victims. Waddington along with CPT Jeremy Horn and CPT Melissa Desgupta-Smith fought the charges in front of an officer and enlisted jury.Stacking the jury with pro-prosecution jurors is something that Mr.Waddington is seeing more and more often in Army sex assault cases.Result: NOT GUILTY OF ALL SEX CHARGES, Guilty of violating no contact order Sentence: NO jail time, NO sex offender registration, NO discharge, 60 days restriction, forfeiture of pay, reduction to E-1 Client was accused of sexually assaulting the wife of a fellow Airman on two occasions. Waddington was hired after the case was docketed for trial.We were able to negotiate a plea deal that saved client from a Federal Conviction and Sex Offender registration. Case was sent to a SCM so long as client admitted to assault.As a reward, the alleged victim was given protected “Victim Status” and continues to serve as a Marine Officer.

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The jury never got to hear the full truth because it was “too prejudicial.” The defense showed that the Government witnesses had motive to lie, they had lied repeatedly in the past, and their allegations were false.

Note: These are real case results from cases that Mr.

Waddington personally handled over the past couple of years. A success in one case does not guarantee success in another similar case.

The prosecution double charged him although sex occurred once.

This allegation was made months after the sex, while the “victim” was facing discharge from the military.The expert told the jury that when victims lie repeatedly, that means they are telling the truth.