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01-Apr-2019 15:02

Footage has emerged of a teenage girl being forced into painful splits by her coach and teammates while she begs them to stop.Ally Wakefield from Denver in Colorado was one of eight cheerleaders attending a "cheer camp" for East High School in June who were filmed having their arms held up by felllow teammates while her coach, Ozell Williams, pushed on her shoulders to force her legs into a split.Is there a good fence for stolen goods in Gainesville, Fla.? Women have been covering the NFL and asking their amusing little questions ever since 1976, when the Boston Globe made Lesley Visser the beat writer on the New England Patriots. Either that’s how long it takes women to master the basic geometry of a route tree, or the men in his family really think it’s one of nature’s great secrets how their pants stick to their legs.Back then, an NFL quarterback tried to sign her notepad because he assumed she was an autograph seeker. This is why I propose a useful gender-culture exchange with Cam Newton.“I have attached a video of the forced splits she and her other team members were forced to do at cheerleading camp and practises; unless they had a doctor's note.This is how Ally injured her leg,” she wrote in the 15 June email.

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"I want to reiterate in no uncertain terms our commitment to the safety of our students.

There are so many, many things I need him to explain to me.

Such as: How can you overthrow multiple 6-foot-5 receivers?

I’ll make him a trade: I’ll tell him how babies get born, if he will tell me how to turn on a car. If you ask me, the empty expanse behind Cam Newton’s forehead proves that nature is just fine with areas entirely devoid of consciousness.

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It’s so funny when females try to talk about things that they shouldn’t. Apparently there are some subjects that are the immutable province of guys only.

Maybe after he opens a jar for me, he can explain which end of the football goes in front. Newton went all giggly when Charlotte Observer reporter Jourdan Rodrigue asked him about receiver “routes,” because how would a female ever know what those are? Watching a thought try to find a route into Newton’s head.