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It has comfortable (if old) reserved seats facing large rear windows looking back along the track.It's very popular & usually gets fully-booked, so book ahead.Doors and windows usually remain wide open, the trains seldom exceed 50mph...A 1st class observation car is attached to the rear of train 1007/1008 on the amazingly scenic route from Colombo to Hatton, Nanuoya, Elle, Haputale & Badulla, and to several other trains on that route, see the timetable here.2nd & 3rd class cars are not air-conditioned and come with large opening windows.Luggage up to back-pack sized fits on the overhead racks, or in the 2nd class cars there's also a floor to ceiling luggage rack for larger items.The counters are all accessed directly from the roadway in front of the station. To buy tickets for reserved seats cars, sleeping-cars or sleeperetts, go to the reservations office, labelled as counter 17 & accessed from the roadway in front of the station towards the left hand end of the station facade.Inside the office there are different counters for different routes.

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Don't expect any catering, so bring your own food & drink.Luggage goes on overhead racks above your seat, or on the floor.The Man in Seat 61 says "If you can get tickets for it, the 1st class observation car is the best way to experience and photograph the journey from Colombo up into Tea Country.Allegedly open - but possibly until , closed for lunch -. That's the station building on the left of this photo.

From the front of the station, you walk through one of several passageways past a ticket barrier onto platform 3, which is the platform visible on the left of this photo. The central footbridge - from which this photo was taken - connects mainline platforms 3-6.The eastern and western footbridges connect platforms, 3-10.