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28-Aug-2019 22:51

This is a bit tricky in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 though.In previous operating systems you could simply start a scheduled task CMD prompt and have it interact with the desktop easily.To update without taking precautions is simply negligent on the part of the user.If you are using a new installation of XP, eventually a balloon will appear by the Notification Area asking if you want to enable Automatic Updates.

If the answer is questionable, don't update until you are able to sort out the potential ramifications of installing the update.

There you go – anything that happens in that CMD prompt or is spawned from that prompt will be running as SYSTEM.

You could run regedit from here, start explorer, or whatever you need to troubleshoot as that account.

That was pretty easy – why do I have some more methods below? I used REMOTE to connect to REMOTE on the same computer.

Unfortunately, in several previous versions of the PSEXEC tool the –s (system) switch has not worked. This is a good example of a client-server RPC application.As the installed user base of XP increases, reports of updates effectively crippling a machine that was previously in excellent working condition are becoming common.