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01-May-2019 23:49

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At present circumstances, Philippine market is not viable for the entry of foreign telecom investors considering the existing law that prohibits major foreign ownership of a company and the massive capital requirements to bridge the gap that the two existing telcos have already built over the last few decades.“A third player may have a difficult time attaining financial viability in the short run due to its late-mover disadvantage and the need to penetrate undeveloped areas whose deployment cost is higher than the almost saturated urban markets dominated by the incumbents,” said Patalinghug.“The question is do we need a new player?

“The government will build and then lease these cell sites to small players or to those interested telcos.

Dark green gave way to olive drab green after World War I, when the U. Army donated a large supply of olive drab green paint to the Post Office. On 4 July 1955, Postmaster General Arthur Summerfield announced that the Post Office would begin painting all mail collection boxes in red, white, and blue to make them easily identifiable.