Ultrasound accuracy dating

15-Jun-2019 12:06

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Therapeutic ultrasound can be used to produce both thermal and non-thermal changes in the tissue.

While this type of ultrasound is safe for treating many conditions, there are contraindications for this therapy.

Use of ultrasound therapy is contraindicated in certain areas of the body, such as over the eyes.

Due to the poor blood supply in this area, heat caused by sound waves from the ultrasound can build up.

In Alberta, when personal information is collected, used or disclosed in the course of providing publicly-funded healthcare services it is covered by the Health Information Act (HIA).

At the same time, the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) protects personal information collected, used or disclosed by private-sector companies, including CDC.

Application of ultrasound thereapy to cancerous tissue should be avoided.

Research suggests this could promote metastasis, or spreading of the cancer cells to other parts of the body.

Ultrasound therapy works by driving sound waves into the tissue to help alleviate pain, inflammation and muscles spasms while increasing range of motion.

Due to the tendency of metal to have higher heat conductivity than tissue, ultrasound therapy should never be used directly over metal implants because of the risk for burns.

Ultrasound therapy should not be used with certain medical conditions.

Patients with thromboembolic disease, or blood clots, should avoid ultrasound therapy -- heat might increase the risk of a clot dislodging.

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Therapeutic ultrasound should not be performed over the spine after a laminectomy.Localized tissue or bone infections are contraindicated for treatment with therapeutic ultrasound.

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