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C, C#, D, D#, and E) and are color-coded in the same fashion, with the lower row white and top row black.A turntable is to the right of the five keys, and is turned, or "scratched".Prior to practice mode players could choose to play a practice stage during normal games.Introduced in 6th MIX, Free mode is another practice mode that follows all the rules of the Normal mode, with passing and failing scores, but allows the player to play all the predefined number of songs regardless of each song's difficulty.(styled as beatmania) is a rhythm video game developed and distributed by Japanese game developer Konami and first released in December 1997.It contributed largely to the boom of music games in 1998, and the series expanded not only with arcade sequels, but also moved to home consoles and other portable devices, achieving a million unit sales.Various game modes are available, with different rule alterations that provide suitable challenges for players of various degrees of skill.

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The series came to an end with the last game being Beatmania The Final, released in 2002.

The password based Internet Ranking service allowed competition wherever a machine is available.

Today in the United States, many of the original beatmania cabinets are in the hands of arcade collectors and Bemani enthusiasts, and consequently are a rare sight at many arcades.

Hitting keys/scratching when corresponding notes are absent will deplete a bar indicating the audience satisfaction.

The passing range is shown on the bar as a red region on the right, and green for the failing range on the left.

The bar is restored after each song, though the bar will be increased to just barely over "Danger", should it have been in effect at the end of the song.