Virtual reality dating game

27-Aug-2019 09:44

to meet strangers in cocktail bars, but it doesn’t pass for a streamlined process because there is not a gradual leveling up of seriousness, swiping then texting, then, quite suddenly, emotional entanglement.

There needs to be another step, and VR seems like the ideal technology to make it happen.

Q) How is the VIBE currency used on the VIBEHub application?

A) In order to watch concerts, partake in education seminars and workshops, attend meet & greets and go on Virtual Dates, You must pay in the VIBE currency to attend these events and social activities. You will be able to attend concerts, education seminars, play games and go on virtual dates all in VR on the VIBEHub application.

Book your 1 hour session filled with excitement and choose the games you want to play right on the spot.

Our regardful game guide will make sure that you get the best experience possible! If you've ever done an escape room before, this experience is very similar to that.

Digital lovers will interact via their virtual avatars, meet in virtual spaces, and attempt to make actual sparks fly in virtual museums, restaurants, and bars — from the comfort of their own bedrooms.

It won’t replace human contact, but it’ll serve as an accurate tool for pre-screening, lowering the stakes of a first date but preserving the intimacy needed for relationships to develop.

But then again, most Tinder profiles aren’t intentionally unappealing, either.Q) What is Volumetric Video (Holoportation Technology)?A) What makes VIBEHub truly unique is that we are capturing performances and streams using Volumetric videos.Except you're in space and can shoot lasers out of your hands.

The game itself was a challenging, yet logical series of puzzles that require co-operation between you and your other team members.

That’s because VR can create intimacy without requiring potentially awkward or even unsafe in-person interactions, says Paul Hollywood (his real name), the product development director of VR social networking site v Time, which isn’t specifically for — but is certainly open to — romance.

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