Web updating

20-May-2019 16:17

Chart Updating is a year-round Auxiliary activity and you dont need a boat to participate. All we want is your skill, knowledge, and your desire to make a contribution. There are multiple chart updating opportunities on this picture.However, you wont be able to notice them without proper CU training.To make sure that validation is working, click Edit for another movie. When you get to the page, clear the Genre field (or Year field, or both) and try to submit your changes.

Clearly, you have to know the order to pass the parameters in.This guide is full of illustrations and photos of the various items that are commonly found on a Nautical Chart that have the potential for correction and update.Each listing has a short explanation about the type of problem that can occur and the specific things to look for that commonly go wrong.When you submit the changes, the code in the page updates the database and takes you back to the movie listing. While each grid row is being constructed, the operator in the previous tutorial; it's an ASP.

This part of the process works almost exactly like the page you created in the previous tutorial, so much of this tutorial will be familiar. NET operator that represents the current website root.) The result is that this part of the markup in the column simply produces something like the following markup at run time: will be different for each row. The three columns you originally had in the grid displayed only data values (title, genre, and year).

For newer members, there are tutorials on Nautical Charts and the use of a GPS Set.