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” Knowing my stance on giving yourself enough time to heal from heartbreak, my newly-single friends will often shy away from telling me they’ve begun dating again.

When my newly single clients come into my office and say, “ugh, I’ve been on five dates in the last two weeks, and each one was worse than the last”, I tell them to take a deep breath and give themselves at least a week or two off from the dating scene (and hopefully more).

We were listening to club hits on i Pod Shuffles, watching television on an actual television, and still dating boys who didn't believe in global warming.

But somehow out of this pre-historic age sprung a fountain of cultural wealth.

" – Gail "This is bad but I do it during the argument that is leading up to breaking up and swipe while we argue to calm myself and be like 'ok theres plenty more out there'" – Gi Gi "Always follow the Joey Tribbiani rule: half an hour." – Tess "Who cares, as soon as you want to get back on your feet and sign up, sign up." – Anon "Apps are what I turn to when I'm hurting over a guy or trying to get through a breakup.

It's probably (read: definitely) unhealthy to slap the proverbial band-aid over the wound so soon, but it's so nice to bask in the attention of dudes after being kicked to the curb by one.It may lead to feelings of urgency: if I wait too long, what if all the good ones are taken?