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09-Jul-2019 09:28

It could be your brother, it could be the guy that pumps gas down the street from you, or a school teacher that found a higher calling.

These guys are human, they have families, and the sacrifices that they make out on the battlefield to be part of this incredible organization have repercussions.

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The cast was brought together and had no prep for the training, a prep course for BUD/S called SEALFIT.Created by the father/son team of William and David Broyles.William is the screenwriter behind Apollo 13 and Jarhead and David is a special ops veteran.They wanted to focus on who these men and women really are.

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They wanted the audience to see that these were men and women, regular men and women, who made a massive difficult decision to sacrifice so much in their own lives for the greater good of America.You don’t know who the other one is yet and whether they're gonna be an egotistical maniac or a drama queen.