Who is kurt warner dating

26-Apr-2019 05:37

As with much of Warner's career the ups came with downs and in 2004, after two so-so seasons, he was released with three years still remaining on his contract.But Warner being Warner he wasn't going to let that be the final chapter of his story.After a year with the Giants in New York the Arizona Cardinals gave him another chance."The theme of my career is that every time everybody counts you out, you get an opportunity and you excel.

But for Warner, the ultimate underdog, he wouldn't have it any other way.

"As a quarterback you’re always looking for a training ground to show people you can play and the only way you can do that is to play.

You can’t do it in shorts, you can’t do it against air, it has to be in an environment where you can compete and play." You can't tell the Kurt Warner story without 1999.

"When I got to the Rams we were playing against Cincinnati in the third game of the year and they were telling us whoever lost that game would be the losingest team of the nineties.

This team hadn’t had much success but I went on to be part of them going to two Super Bowls.

This is how it’s going to work – we’re going to count you out, then you’re going to get an opportunity so what are you going to do with that opportunity? There are lots of times when you get that opportunity and it’s taken away and then you think ‘am I ever going to get that opportunity again?