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24-Aug-2019 18:30

Legal proceedings have started in the US against Hayne, who 'unequivocally and vehemently' denied allegations he raped a virgin after a drunken night out.However, the NSW representative faces further scrutiny from rugby league's governing body and its integrity unit after he reportedly failed to inform them of the allegations.But by putting liability on a company for deciding to block certain sites opens up a pandora's box of mischief.It could enable just about any site that was blocked -- even if for legitimate reasons, to gum up the judicial system with lawsuits and would make it much more difficult for lots of internet companies (including small ones who don't have the litigation budget of Facebook) to have to defend almost any moderation decision they make.However, with Mizbala, something extra strange happened.Soon after posting a few of these stories mocking Facebook, suddenly was blocked by Facebook. Even worse, previous links to Mizbala disappeared and anyone posting a link to Mizbala was given a fairly scary sounding message suggesting the site was deemed "unsafe" by Facebook. The site is regularly critical of Facebook -- specifically how it blocks people arbitrarily -- and suddenly it too gets blocked by Facebook with a nasty warning that the site itself is "unsafe." Even if this was an accident, it really looks quite bad.

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The fact is, Facebook isn't always good with its blocking decisions.

follows Demi Delia who could have been a model, but her life path was redirected by a savvy agent who saw bigger and better...boobs in her future.

Now firmly established in the adult entertainment industry, Demi has her pick of parts and partners, and is able to focus on what really matters: her family.

Hayne arrived in Sydney from Israel yesterday after flying out of the country in secret following the surfacing of court documents filed against him in Santa Clara County Court.

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A woman, known as 'Ms V', accused the 29-year-old of having non-consensual sexual intercourse with her in 2015, claims he strongly denies.

The arbitrary/hamfisted blocking is pretty ridiculous, and it's made much worse when it comes right after Mizbala was directly criticizing Facebook for arbitrary blocking when it then is telling people that the site is either unsafe or spam.

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